Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Get off my lawn...

Nice swim this morning. I did lose a pair of goggles. I took them off yesterday and put them in my zippered mesh bag where I keep my water bottle, my dark goggles, my spare earbuds... But, somehow overnight they got out and ran away. Really weird. Thankfully, I my dark ones so I could swim comfortably.

I'm sure I have a spare pair. I just have to remember to dig them out and put them with my suit for tomorrow.

Today I think I'm going sew up the top I cut out last week. I'm no longer enthusiastic about the project but I need to do it or toss it. And today's the day.

I don't have anything else on the agenda for today or really tomorrow. This gives me such a feeling of freedom and possibilities.

I just lost an hour between the last paragraph and this one.

Old age has brought with it nearly equal parts of calm understanding and crabby intolerance. I used to think animated gifs were fun and often useful and now I think they are incredibly annoying. I have gotten so that I just remove people from my feeds who use them in ways that prevent me from seeing content peacefully. I just dropped 6 people in a row from my twitter feed and 2 from Google Plus.

The sewing machine is calling me.
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