Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Just a nice Saturday

My new toy - the Pixel C turns out to be a little cooler than I expected. It's got the most gorgeous screen and it's quite snappy. I expected it to be fun and cool but I think it's going to be even a little more functional that I thought, too. Quite a lovely surprise.

The latest Android version makes it just the easiest to set up. It asks me if I want to copy a device I already have and I picked my old tablet and bang, it's done in actually nearly no time at all. A new computer of any kind used to take the better part of a weekend to get truly functional. Those were the bad old days!

I ordered some bias tape from Amazon last week which was supposed to get here Thursday, then Friday, then today and I still haven't seen it. It's to finish off the dining table ensemble. So there was no working on that and I didn't feel like starting the shirt I cut out so I got to work on my new swimsuit idea. I have bright yellow and bright orange left over from other suits so I decided to make a two toned... Orange running down the front and the sides out of yellow. I dreamed this up in my head a few days ago. So today, I made the pattern pieces and cut out the fabric and played around with different ways to join them.

I finally got it figured out but decided I had done enough for today and was cleaning stuff up when there was a knock at the door. It was Hunter from next door with some cookies! Iced!! He called them egg nog cookies. He told me that he normally bakes with marijuana but he didn't want to offend me.

The cookies are like little iced cakes. Really yummy.

I write him a thank you note. In it I explained that I am so not offended at all by the marijuana but his using it was really wasted on me. And really it is. I've got no interest and it's not cheap so save the good stuff for those who appreciate it and give me the low test. And thank you!

He is really the best neighbor.
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