Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A delighted Mrs. Kravitz!

I was so excited when they finally finished the apartment building across the street. Everyone else in my building on the same side of the building as I am were pissing and moaning over losing their view. I was thrilled at the new view!

I can easily see into about 4 of the very lower units that are moderate income one bedrooms. And then I also have a nice view into the floor that has very generous outdoor terraces. I also can see into a bunch more but the main one I see is the one that has the biggest terrace - just across the way.

As soon as the For Rent sign went up, two older (probably younger than I am) gentlemen moved in and they were amazing. They had parties, they lived out on that terrace. They had beautiful furnishings. They had TWO Christmas trees! They were my buddies. My chums. I said good morning every morning (they like to drink their coffee out on the terrace) and good night before I went to bed.

But, alas, they moved out last January. The next people to move in mostly keep their shades drawn. They rarely even go out on the terrace. Because of the shades, I can't tell if they have great taste or wonderful parties. So my assumption is that they are drug dealing sociopaths who spent their evenings scamming the elderly on the internet. Or some variation of all that.

Until tonight. Maybe I judged too harshly. Maybe they are ok peops after all. Sometime this afternoon while I wasn't looking, they installed a gynormous inflatable snowman!!!!! That lights up at night!!!

I love this Frosty so much!

I have a fair number of packages coming here before Christmas. NONE are time sensitive, holiday specific packages and if they don't make it in time, no one will be heartbroken. Two were supposed to arrive today - one via Fed Ex and one via USPS. Fed Ex said out for delivery until about 4ish when that was changed to pending. USPS says the package has left the local sorting station but that's it.

And I'm sure all the rest will be stumbling and stopping and hitting snags at every turn. I decided this afternoon that this is going to be my zen project. I'm just going to mellow out on the whole thing. What gets here, gets here and what doesn't doesn't. I'll keep track so that I can get them all eventually or get refunds but I'm not going to stew.

So There. Me and Frosty are going to chill. He's blowing in the wind. I love this guy!!!
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