Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Clothing rules...

Growing up in the 50's, we had three kinds of clothes: school clothes (dresses), play clothes (dresses, pants - short or long) and Sunday clothes. There were a few times that you wore your Sunday clothes that didn't involve church. The doctor's office. The dentist's office. The airplane.

Turns out, even though I now live in possibly the most informal (clothes wise) city in the country I haven't completely shed myself of the rules. This morning, I put on yesterday's clothes to go tot he pool because I knew when I came home, I'd need fresh, better ones for my doctor's appointment.

I won't be dressing up but I do think it's pretty funny that I am so particular about what I wear when I go. My Mom would be proud (after she finished laughing at me).

I think I spent too much time hunched over my sewing machine yesterday and/or slept wrong last night because my neck and shoulders really hurt this morning but an hour of swimming fixed them right up! I do need to be careful today not to get them reknotted.

Today's doctor's appointment is just a routine check. Both he and Dr. Lung like to see me every 6 months. Dr. Lung is in January. Happily, seeing either of them at this point feels very frivolous. I'm pretty darned healthy for a fat old woman with COPD. Actually, I'm in very good shape all things considered. But, I go see them when they ask because some day - could be tomorrow - I'm going to need one or both of them and I really would like to be on their good side.

My banana when I come home from swimming might be working. After eating one this morning, I'm not starving any more. I think I can hold out til lunch. I hate banana peels.

I am not a hater of wind and rain. I don't mind either at all. Plus, I realized this morning that it's been a week since I've had to wear my dark goggles in the pool. Nice.

My top sewing project is on hold until the trim I ordered arrives which might be today. I have other projects in varying stages of being needle ready. I cut out a shirt last night but the fabric is going to be a problem. I think today I need to spend some quality time with the fabric getting the right needle and stitch.

And there are bears to knit.
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