Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Every single leaf is gone

There is an ugly sycamore (suck-a-more) variety called London Plane outside my terrace. The city planted it there the year after I moved in. For 10 years I had an unobstructed view of the world that I loved. And then the fucking tree grew in my way. In 2008 I snapped a picture of it nearly every day to track just it's offenses.

This is what it looked like about this time in 2008.

You can see then there were still a few leaves. Then they built an apartment building on the other side of the tree and my hackles really got raised. Now they were blocking real good viewing! But today we have yet another wind storm - about the 6th one we've had in the past month - and it's now totally, amazingly, and delightfully, leaf free.

Now if I could just make it law that all shades must be raised and lights kept on at all times...

I had a lovely swim this morning and popped by the grocery on my way home so I could get some bananas. When I get home from swimming I'm usual starving so I have some cereal or something. But that makes me not hungry for lunch until late which makes me eat too much for dinner or snack too much or something. So... new plan, banana after swim. It's a trial.

My doctor's appointment tomorrow is not at 10, like I thought, but 10:45. Oh well. Glad I noodled that out before I left for it. My doctor has a totally great waiting room with a fabulous view but even so...

Fed Ex has changed its story. They said they would be delivering my Pixel C tomorrow. Now they say Monday. I'm bummed but I'll live.

There's a big fat crow on the tree where the leaves used to be right now and Zoey is keeping a close eye on him.

I'm going back to sew.
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