Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

What a nice day

Today has been nothing outstanding. Just a nice, peaceful day of this and that.

Earlier this week, I took out all my leftover bits of non-knit fabric and cleaned it up (cut off weird ends and made each piece a square or a rectangle) and folded it up nicely and rehung it in the closet so I can see everything and know at a glance what is there.

Then I decided to make something out of the bits. I cut them all into strips and made new chair back covers and I love them! So I kept going. I am now making place mats and napkins. I just this afternoon got to the point where I know I am going to use up all the scraps and have enough to finish. I'm quite delighted with myself.

Now I'm doing laundry. I don't like doing laundry when I'm sewing. It's all in the same small room and I don't like laundry noise. So I turned off the machine for the day. That machine, by the way, is fabulous. What a great purchase that was.

While the laundry is laundrying, I think I'll watch The American Great British Bake Off. I'm actually kind of impressed how it keeps the bests part of it's British mother's version. I also like how they started off with only 6 contestants instead of supersizing as Americans are wont to do. I hope they repeat with a non-holiday version.

I've got leftover Chinese defrosting for dinner. All is cool.

Plus, I saw this on twitter this afternoon and it just made my day. I'm not at all used to Baptists sticking their neck out like this and I love it. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about my whole town.

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