Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

New day

Yesterday was one of those days that is just a little off. It's weird how they crop up and both weird and delightful when they disappear... like today.

Today is as spot on as yesterday was off and I have no usable evidence to support my assertion. It's just so.

The woman who takes all the teddy bears I can make now has a website for her Baby Bank. Whoever did it for her did a bang up job. It's really perfect for what she needs and sweet and pretty, too. I wish more websites were as simple and straightforward and attractive as this one!

Fedex says my new toy will arrive on Friday. I'm kind of delighted by that.

There is nothing that has to be done today so it's another one of those fabulous dowhateverIwant days. I just treasure those suckers.

I have rarely done much holiday decorating of any kind. I don't object to it. But, when I see special decorations set out, all I can think of is the chore, after the festivities, of putting all that crap away. I actually think I have some holiday lights in a drawer somewhere. I should move them to the Goodwill bag.

In the six years after my Dad died, I went across country to my Mom's in Charleston, SC every Thanksgiving. We had great Thanksgivings. But, except for those, I really haven't done anything special for any holidays in decades. The effort/benefit balance just isn't there for me.

My every day life is fine and dandy. No need to guss it up for special days.

There's a guy that I met on Google + a while back. I read his stuff, he reads mine. He's a bit more active that I am. He lives in the northeast somewhere. I just posted the Baby Bank's new website on Google + and he went there and "made a small donation to babybankofseattle in your name because of my admiration of your dedication to this very needed agency."

How cool is that?? Very cool.

I think I'll go sew for a while.
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