Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I have not finished beating myself up about last night's home owners association meeting, I guess, because I did some more mental whipping while I swam this morning. I think I'm going to one more meeting (in February) and if it has the same affect, I'm done.

This morning, I left for the pool at 7:15 and was showered and back in the car headed home by 9 am. It's raining and foggy out. I wanted to test my ability to get back home and to town by 9:30. I was standing in my living room with a fresh bowl of oatmeal by 9:30 this morning so I think 7:15 is the magic number. Plus for 45 minutes I had the pool to myself.

I need to be at the doctor's office by 10 on Friday and to the car detailers by 9:30 next Thursday. Hence the tests.

I just ordered a Google Pixel C tablet with keyboard. It's my Christmas present to me. It's an outlandishly frivolous purchase and I don't care.

I also just canceled a fabric order. I ordered last week and sent a note this morning asking where my order was and the reply was 'we're still filling last week's orders, we'll get to you soon.' No thank you.

I am having a Squirrel!! morning. I started this entry about an hour ago and keep getting distracted by stuff. Some of it not even shiny! I need to post this and get on with my day!
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