Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

happy birthday plans

My brother moved his visit back a week because one of his techs is actually going to CES (the tech's father is taking him which I think is so cool). So now he's coming in on Saturday, January 10 and staying until Sunday, January 17. That's almost too long EXCEPT it gives us plenty of time for down time. For me to swim and for him to go explore on his own. So it's actually perfect.

And... right in the middle... on Tuesday, August 12, is his birthday. His 61st. I need to figure out something a little special. Having a party with 61 of his friends is not going to be too practical but maybe I can come up with something creative.

At the sewing table today I made a pouch with handles so that I can easily rest an ice pack on my upper back. My freezer has 3 shelves and 2 baskets. One of the shelves is nothing but ice packs of various sizes and types. It's the old lady shelf.

Then my next project was to sew plastic sheeting onto one side of a japanese wash cloth strip. Now I can smear lotion all over the plastic and lather it all over my back. (I have a sponge on a wand but I think this will work better and, if it does, I can take it to the gym to use after my shower. NFW am I taking that gynormous sponge on a stick.)

Then I squared off all my fabric bits. And folded them in an organized fashion onto hangers. The pile of what was left over is actually the start of my new project. I'm going to piece it all together for starters.

I just remembered there's a home owners association meeting tonight. It's probably the last one with the really great board president. I just set a reminder so I don't forget to go.
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