Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Itching in brain and body

Yesterday afternoon I came across a sewing tip and thought 'hmmm, I should post that on the Tuesday Tip thread in the sewing sub reddit' and then it promptly disappeared from my brain, maybe never to be seen again.

It's a brain itch and it's bugging me. Plus my skin it is bugging me. Well, not right now but last night...ouch. This morning, in the shower, I scrubbed down everything and rinsed for a long time and the applied spray lotion to my back. So far, so good. Oh and took an allergy pill.

My swim was good. I left here at 7:25 and it was pitch black out. I got out of the pool at 8:45 and it was still pretty night out. It is raining hard but still, so dark. So much better than the sun's glare. I need a world where night time falls during the day and daylight is at night.

I totally get that that only make sense in my head.

I stopped at the detailing places - there are two right near each other about a mile and a half from here. The first one was locked up tight with only the OPEN! sign blinking. What.Ev.Er.

The second one was delighted to see me. $107 for the full interior detail and a complementary wash on the outside. I expected it to be more. The guy seemed nice and the place was swanky. We made a date for a week from Thursday. I'll drop it off after my swim and it will be ready at end of day. I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to get home from there or back to get my car but I figure I'll worry about that next week, Scarlet.

The minute I decided to get my car detailed, the level of visible crud inside the card rose a million percent. It's just disgusting in there. Dust and grit in every crevice. I can't wait to get it spiffed.

While swimming today, I designed a gizmo to get lotion on my back. I thought I'd make it out of oil cloth... Then I realized I could sew plastic, maybe plastic wrap onto stretchy fabric and then I realized cut up plastic bags would work better and then I remembered a very large plastic bag that I have no other use for... So, about 10 lanes of swimming and that problem was solved.

Then I designed a dining room ensemble - chair toppers, place mats and napkins from my current stash of cotton fabric. Then I noodled on how to best finish the edges of my new shirt. Then I tried to remember all the things I wanted at TRader Joes.

It was a very very busy swim and a good one.

Today, besides all the sewing projects, I need to wander up to the post office.
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