Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

When everything just clicks...

I'm having a run of excellent clicks...

I decided the other day to try and make a knit top. I want the collar a certain way and I want it long enough to cover my ass in legging with the sleeves narrow enough to wear under a sweater but not so skin tight that wearing it alone will scream FAT ARM ALERT!!! So I ordered a pattern and some fabric. I will need to really alter the pattern to accommodate my narrow shoulders and ginormous ass. And while I've learned a lot about stretchy fabrics with my swim suits, working with knits is always tricky. But, nothing ventured...

My TiVo is set to record anything that has the word 'sewing' in the title or show description. This does not net me much but does every week PBS has a couple of shows that sometimes have interesting info. Last night, before I went off to bed, I decided to burn through a couple. The first one covered altering patterns for knits!! No shit. Really. And described perfectly how to make my pattern work for my shoulders! I've tried before to get a good fit but failed and now I know why.

The second show was all about tips for making t-shirts. I could not believe it. She showed how/why to use this special sewing machine foot. I looked it up on the web and 1. discovered that one of those feet came with my new machine and just below that info was 2. a perfect tip for using clear elastic (which I have on hand) to stabilize the shoulder seams and neckline. So weirdly coincidental!

My skin has been itching off of me lately. This morning, when I got out of the shower, another swimmer, Vicki was toweling off and lathering down with lotion and bitching about itching... She said that her friend, Bonnie, who swims with her has the same problem but worse. I was kind of amazed. I didn't really think about the pool making me itch.

My reaction to swimming in chlorine is always instant. It was last week, too. My skin feels like it shrunk. It feels tight for hours after. Bromine doesn't make it feel tight or any other way ... except, now, it turns out, itchy.

But, it's actually a huge relief to know what's causing the itch. And my swim was much better than yesterday's.

After I left the pool, I went to brunch. The Catfish Corner was this strange little place in a kind of jankie neighborhood. But, OMG did they know catfish. And hushpuppies (which is a foreign food here in Seattle) and fried okra. Sooooo good. And such a weird little place. It was also a great spot to take visitors. My Mom always requested it. As did my friends from New Zealand. But, alas, it closed down several years ago. I think the same folks opened up a newer version south of town but I haven't been there.

Meanwhile... I had read that someone had opened up a chicken and waffle place in that same weird spot. And, then, yesterday, Twitter said they were starting brunch this weekend so off I went.

They have totally cleaned up the place. It's still got a ton of character and isn't at all swank but the 59 years of grime is gone and it's bright and pretty now. It wasn't packed and I got a nice table and settled in. It took a while to get waited on. And the kid at the next table kept jumping up and down and they had this music playing with a bass that I'm pretty sure could be heard for a mile. And I was getting not happy. But the kid left and the server was so sweet and so was the guy who finally brought me coffee. I ordered eggs, bacon, potatoes and a waffle. The eggs, bacon and waffle were fine - really nicely done but those potatoes... omg. They were simple and just perfect. crispy on the outside and pillow soft on the inside. They whole adventure turned out to be excellent. I will be going back, for sure.

I got home and, turns out, just missed helping to decorate the tree in the condo lobby with a gaggle of volunteers. thankyoujesus.

I have sewing to do, knitting to do, I found a book on Gander, Newfoundland after 9/11 and it's so far a very interesting read, and I have a fair amount of TV* to watch. Busy busy busy.

*I recorded all the Code Black episodes from the first one but only watched it once. This week, I decided to watch a couple more episodes and now I'm hooked. Marcia Gay Harden is not my favorite actress and even though she's the lead in this show, her character is lame but the rest is pretty good. I'm still catching up.
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