Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Who was that me?

I rarely go to movies. I go to maybe one concert - usually the Mens Chorus - every year, maybe. And I never go to plays. Until today.

I left home a half hour before I had decided I should leave which was generously early. It was cold and rainy and the bus was late but I was early, so no biggie. I had to transfer to another bus that was also late but again... no biggie. I got to what I thought was the stop before my stop and decided to get out and walk. Turns out it was the stop I actually needed. I took the long way around to the box office because I didn't know where I was.

I picked up my ticket at Will Call at 1:05 for the 2 pm show. I entertained myself with sudoku on my phone until they opened the doors at 1:30. I had a perfect seat on the aisle, first row balcony. I took the stairs instead of the elevator because I thought I could and I turns out I was right. The place was packed.

The show was simply amazing in every way imaginable. I cried. I laughed. I learned and I just enjoyed the heck out of this amazing show. It was just the most incredible thing. I found a YouTube from the San Diego run which is the only other place it's been done. Many of the actors are the same as played it there.

The ending was particularly special and I just floated out of the theater with everyone else. I walked quite a way - probably a half to 3/4th of a mile to a bus stop and took one to downtown. I got off early again - this time because the bus was just packed and getting out of control. I walked another mile to the bus tunnel and took the train the rest of the way home.

I got out of the train tunnel at the wrong end - I just wasn't paying attention - and decided to see if Taylor Shellfish was open. They were! It's a nice comfy seafood bar.

I had a whiskey sour which was just perfection. (I rarely drink and when I do, it's nearly always scotch and water - no clue where this whiskey sour thing came from.) And then some baked oysters, bread and butter. I must remember that that place is so good and mellow with good food and good service and is less than 2 blocks from here.

Now I'm home and amazed at my afternoon. Also amazed that I did all that walking quite comfortably without once stopping to catch my breath or really even think about breathing and without any back issues or knee issues or feet issues. Its like I was using someone else's body (but, if I'm going to borrow a body, do I really need to borrow one as fat as the one I have????)

Oh and when I got home I checked the mail and my replacement drivers license was there along with a beautiful Christmas card from Hungary! Thank you, Zita!!! What a treat.

What a day...
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