Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Done and done and done plus...

I thought about selling my new/old sewing machine but it's too heavy to ship handily and selling locally is just not worth the bother. I thought about taking it to Goodwill but it's just too good to get tossed in with the broken stuff. I thought about the free shelf in the garage but, this isn't a building of sewers. So I took it to the fabric shop.

My fabric shop is an outlet shop located upstairs over a warehousing operation. There's a tiny little stair landing where they have a trashcan and a bulletin board of specials right past the front door. So I made a big sigh "Free Sewing Machine - works perfectly. Needs a new home." and taped it to the box and left it there near the trash can.

Then I went on to deliver the bears. On the way I stopped at the Mercedes place to look at the 2016 Smart cars parked in the lot. It was far enough away from the show room that I could get out and look without being accosted by a sales guy. The colors are not good but the shape is wrong. And the seats have this ugly white stitching and the dash and controls are ugly. And the grill is cheap looking plastic. And I don't like 'em. At all. One bit. Not even close to being tempted.

So it's time to love up my car. It needs a good detail. I need to look in to that. I have zero clues where/how/how much. I will find out.

The grocery stores in this town have quit stocking Diet Dr. Pepper in resealable small bottles. Finally, on the way home, I stopped at Cash and Carry which is basically a supply shop for small restaurants and delis and bought a case.

Oh I stopped back by the fabric store on my way back home - 15 mins or so after I left the machine - and it was gone. I hope someone who really wanted it got it and will love it.

Now I'm home and heating up pizza for lunch and then sewing.
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