Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I decided the other day to go back to my old pool for today's swim. Old pool has M/W/F 6 am to 7:30 lap hours. Knowing that I couldn't accidently sleep in (which I never do anyway), I, of course, woke up 489 times last night. Finally at just before 6, I got out of bed and got my suit on and hit the road.

I drove from here to that pool 5 or 6 days a week for 3 or 4 years and now haven't been that way since May. It was weird.  An old, abandoned,  garage has new paint and a new life. Two Vietnamese produce markets have shuttered. The road work in front of the pool has gotten way worse. I parked and very nearly couldn't figure out how to get in.

It was very cool to see old swimming buddies. The place was jumpin'. Sophie, the head lifeguard who texted me into swimming there today, said it was the usual feast or famine, no way to know... Earlier in the week there were like 7 swimmers. Today there were 27. But, it was good and fun. Chlorine is so much more clear than bromine. You can see all the way across 6 lanes underwater up and down the 25 yards. At the gym, you are lucky if you can see 2 lanes over.And it was fun to get fully vertical with room to spare. You only need 3 feet of water to swim laps but it's fun, now and again, to have more.

It's also a kick to be home having coffee at 8 am knowing you've swum 2000 yards already today!

The bear lady asked that I wait until 11 to deliver today. I was going to get dressed and do that first thing but I can wait.

My new sewing machine arrived yesterday and it is amazing. There's an LED light shining right down on where the needle meets the fabric. It sounds so cool when it sews. Speed control is available several ways. And there is way more control in length and width of stitches. It's just fun. I sewed a little and actually watched the DVD that came with it. I now have 5 projects cut out and ready to sew so it will get a fair workout today.

I had a bit of buyers remorse. The deal was good but my other machine was very nearly new. But, the remorse was vanquished the minute the new machine got here. Life's too short not to.
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