Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today is Aqua Fit day at the pool which means I need to get there early enough to be totally done by 9 am. I did and I was but it was just a disconcerting swim day. It was busy busy. And there were several pool divas which always misbalance the vibe.

Then, there was an accident on the bridge and some other mess after. So my 15 minute trip home took 35 minutes. My brother's newsletter was late in creation which sped up the editing urgency. And I'm starving even though I just had a big bowl of cereal.

Everything feels like it's off by like 6 pixels.

On the upside, I did get in more than 2,000 yards in the pool and UPS says my new sewing machine will be here tomorrow instead of Thursday. And the post office says that I have a package 'out for delivery' and I haven't a clue what it is. None of my as-yet-delivered packages have that tracking number. It's a surprise!!! I love tracking numbers.

Not a lot going on today. Much going on tomorrow. Tomorrow is nails, Papa Murphy's pizza, house cleaner, and sewing machine arrival.

So today I'll make sure the house is tidy for tomorrow and do the laundry. Plus the free Prime Kindle book I just snagged looks like a good read. I really love Kindle First. I rarely just sit down and read a book. Most all of my 'reading' is actually listening to the audio version but this one has no audio version and looks interesting enough to break the trend on a day with nothing much going on anyway.
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