Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

What in the heck did I do before sewing???

It's only been a few months (maybe sixish) that I've had the sewing machine out all the time and enjoyed regular sewing.

But, somehow, it's already a vital part of my day! I have several projects that I want to do... but I decided to hold off until the new machine arrives.

I finished off the organization - it's so cool. I have room for everything and everything is grouped together in nice containers where I can see what I have and get to it easily for retrieval or putting stuff away. But that didn't take long.

And I've been flapping around the house all day with nothing to do. That's not even close but it almost kind of feels like it. I got some more fabric ready so now I have 4 things cut and pinned and needle ready. I might break down and practice making a doll tomorrow.

What in the heck did I do with my days before sewing?

I did do the teriyaki run. It is cold out. But dinner for the next two nights is in the house.

Friday is bear delivery day so maybe I think I'll add to the pile.
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