Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The LAST day!!!!!

One more email or notification telling me that today is the LAST DAY for deals and I am going to shoot someone. The level of irritation is right up there with week before election phone calls and junk mail.

The northwest is famous for early morning fog but this morning they outdid themselves. This was way beyond pea soup. More like concrete. I don't think I'd ever seen it so dense.

I made good progress on the sewing reorg yesterday but I didn't finish. I will today. It's hard for a knitter to let go of odd bits of leftover yarn. I use the for bear sweaters. It's hard for a sewer to let go of odd bits of fabric. And it's a storage issue. I need to make doll clothes. I need to make a doll first, I guess.

I need my new sewing machine first. When I bought it, Amazon said delivery on Tuesday. Then I got the tracking number and it said Wednesday. And now, today, UPS is saying Thursday. :(

I stopped short of 2,000 yards this morning because I didn't need 'em all to finish off the 2,000 yards a day challenge. I did 1,850 and ended up with a 60,000+ finish. Not bad at all. But, I think I might ratchet back on challenges. I like to swim as long as I want and stop when I'm ready to stop. As long as I get in at least a mile, I'm cool with whatever.

In order to make up for the swimming deficit, I think I'll take a tiny hike up to the teriyaki place after lunch and score dinner for tonight and tomorrow. It's chilly out but I have a hat and gloves. Won't kill me.
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