Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

48 laps to go

Actually 24 laps if you think of a lap as 2 lengths which I don't. So 48. Someone over in the swimming subreddit started a challenge on November 1 to swim 50,000 yards in November. I chose to do 2,000 yards every day or 60,000 yards total for the month. I am now 42 laps away from 60,000 yards... 34 miles.

Today's swim was kind of cool. The past few Sundays have been crowded but not today. It was just me and my buddy, Brody. We had the pool to ourselves. The locker room was also pretty deserted. Someone suggested it was the Seahawks game but I think it was the combo of Seahawks and holiday. Whatever. It was nice. Very nice.

And no sun so no glare. Excellent. I high tailed it home and got after they had the barriers up and the cops on duty but before traffic got bad. (They block off the street that my garage entrance is on but I have a sticker that says Let This Special Snowflake In.)

I could have sworn I had a heating pad but I'll be damned if I can find it. I have too much shit.

While I was swimming, I reorganized my sewing area. In my mind. So I think that's what I'll do today - organize it for real. I have a couple of projects cut out and ready to sew but I think I am going to save them for the new machine which was supposed to get here Tuesday but now looks like Wednesday.

All that online shopping these past few days is going to really make package delivery a bit of a crap shoot this week, I suspect.

I bought some Curel Itch Defense stuff - soap, squirt lotion and spray lotion. The spray lotion turns out to be a great idea with very bad execution. The sprayer is nearly impossible to operate. It takes two hands or more. So while it is possible to eek out a bit of sprayed lotion it's not possible to do it while aimed at your body.

So I wrote them a little note explaining the issue. I got a response today from a human asking for more details. I was surprised and impressed. I was also really amused by the message in the note's auto-sig inviting me to take their survey 'requires Internet Explorer' and then when you click on the link again, at the top of the page it tells me that it is ONLY compatible with Internet Explorer. My Chrome browser handled it perfectly.

I had the best omelette this morning. Used up the last of the swiss cheese and the last of the capers and the final slice of rye bead that's been in the freezer since forever. My brother often makes soup out of stuff like that. He calls it Must Go Soup... everything in the fridge Must Go. I had a Must Go Omelette. Excellent.
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