Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The Silent Swim

I was sitting on the edge of the pool, feet in the water, getting out my goggles when I realized that I had no music. For the first time ever, I had gotten to the pool without a music player. I had taken it in to the house with me yesterday to charge it up and then clipped it to my purse strap and left the purse in the car when I got to the gym.

In my suit, feet wet. Go back through the gym, down to the parking garage to get the player? Nah. I swam silently. The first 15 minutes were very uncomfortable and disconcerting. The next 15 minutes were better. The last 30 minutes were really enjoyable. I think maybe I might do it again... on purpose.

This was today's 'music':

I conjured on breakfast out? where? If in, what? I need deodorant so I'll stop at Bartell's after ... do I need anything else there? At the grocery? What's for dinner? How should I trim the chair backs I'm planning on sewing today? Line them? If not, how to finish edges? Oh, wait, what if I did it this way... That woman in the next lane is swimming in t-shirt and shorts! Well, why the hell not? Why are swimsuits built the way they are?...

Then I stopped at Bartell's and then came home and had fried eggs, bacon, toast and tomatoes with coffee for breakfast. And here I are.

Last night I saw a TV ad for the 2016 Smart Car. This is the first time since my 2011 that there have been substantial changes in the model. So then I looked on the website. A lot of good stuff. No great colors. A couple of Ok ones. No great tech package. The most advanced they have includes a CD player? I had to check and make sure I was looking at 2016 and not 2006. The optional phone holder has only fire and usb mini connectors so my usb C phone won't work. But, better transmission.

Then I remembered that I promised I would look carefully at the FIAT 500 next time. Wait, no FIAT dealers in Seattle?? Fuck that. I'm not going to the far off burbs to buy (and then get service for) a new car.

But, why do I even need a new car? I do not. I like mine fine. The color is better than everything offered. The tech I have is as good as what they want me to pay extra for. So what if the transmission isn't peppy. It hasn't been peppy ever. And my life has been good. I may still drive by the Smart Car place (which is about a mile and a half from here) to look at the new models but I think I don't need one.

Zoey has finally managed to rough up the upholstered tops of the two dining chairs so that you can see her handy work across the room and it bugs me. I have replacement slip covers but I think, as an interim step, I'm going to make toppers for them. Kind of like a fitted shawl. A 21st century antimacassar.

That's today's project. After I wash the dishes and tidy up the kitchen.
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