Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Black Friday

I realized last night that I could probably do my swim as early as I wanted today because... no traffic! So I did.  I left here about 6:45. Not only no traffic on the road, there was no traffic in the pool.  And... bonus, the sun wasn't out yet so there was no glare!  If it weren't for the road traffic, that's the time I'd go every day. The next time it will be a viable option will be Christmas Eve. (I can't believe I'm whining about this. This time last year, my pool times were very limited and strictly defined so it was only handy to swim 6 days a week and I was lucky to get an hour in on most of those days. So...yeah for pool even when there is traffic and glare!)

Before I left for the pool, the light in my bedroom ceiling fan went out. ARUGH.  That thing's only been in ther e 10 years. They sure don't make stuff like in the olden days! hahaha.  At least I remembered there's a ladder in the closet by the elevator. Option #2 was wait until Monday and get the building manager to unlock the ladders in the garage and haul one up here from down there.

The ceiling is 12 feet but the fan hangs down about a foot. Still 11 feet is too high for me.

So I actually went into a store on Black Friday. I never do this. But today I did. Home Depot. They had coffee and noshes at the front door and a boat load of people in orange aprons wanting to help and a severe lack of whackos on a mad shopping spree. It was actually lovely. I found exactly the replacement I needed. $8! $8 every 10 years. Oh well.

I got home and replaced it and also took a swiffer to the blades which were turning into a home for dust bunnies. Then I put the ladder back and then I noticed that I hadn't put the cover back on correctly. Just when I was doing the victory dance about the whole climbing the ladder and not killing myself.  I'm taking a break before tempting fate again.

I forgot to plug in my phone last night. This morning there was still 50% battery (10 hours) left!! The latest android version has this thing called Doze that uses nearly no battery after a period of down time. This is the first time I've really tested it and wow. How cool.

I have been thinking about my brother's visit in January. Plans were for him to come here while CES was going on and we would monitor the coverage together and explore all the fun shit on the internets - interspersed with eating at fun restaurants and doing other stuff. But, those plans were put in place when he had 4 techs and the biz could run easily without him. Now he's down to 2 and I don't know how comfortable he is with their running the show.  I realized this morning that he might be uncomfortably torn. So I sent him a note saying that if he needed to bail, I'd understand. He replied quickly saying that one of his guys was actually going to CES with his Dad so he may need to move the trip out a week but he'd be here for sure. So, yeah!!!

Ok, time to go get that ladder again and fix the light cover. Maybe it's time to change the sheets, too. And do some laundry?
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