Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The gym (pool) did't open until 8 today but I was in the pool first. It was full for most of my hour but as I was getting out several more folks were coming in. I was kind of surprised. Wonder what tomorrow will be like, pool population wise. The gym will be open normal hours tomorrow so maybe not so bad.

The lack to traffic was heaven.

I came home and had eggs and bacon and toast for breakfast. Nice.

Now the kitchen needs cleaning up and hen I think there will be some sewing.  I saw a cute little zippered earbud pouch that I want to try. I need to make new Croc liners and no telling what all else will happen while I'm back there.

I have zero interest in the Macy's Parade this year.

For years it was my parade. My first time was, I was told, when I was nearly 1. I was an only child and we lived in Brooklyn. My own memory is a little foggy :)

As a family, we watched it on TV every single year no matter where we lived. But, then, when I was in college, my parents moved back to New York. Manhattan this time. When I came home for Thanksgiving, Daddy and I went every time. Everyone else stayed home and watched it on TV but Daddy and I made it an outing and included stopping in various places along the way to compare bloody mary's.

I made watching it on TV a big part of my Thanksgiving on my own for years but, in the past few years have been less and less interested. Today, I won't even turn it on. I'm sure it will be great. But, I've got other fish to fry!
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