Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Come on into my house!!

meowmensteen started it. Here's my house.

First, here's my house in 2005. I went from builder white to OMGwherearemysunglasses. (Here's the full report now more than a decade old.)

TL;dr - the photo album on Flickr

So starting from the top - with the hallway:

Looking out to the hallway from my front door:

Looking left

Looking right

Down the hallway (my back is to the front door)

Entering the fish/sewing/guest room

Shelves along the hallway

Across the hall from the shelves in between the half bath and the bedroom

Half bath

Bedroom and full bath

More hallway

Kitchen and living room

And, finally the movie walk through...

A walk around my house with Billy Joel
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