Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

OMG it really did work

I just picked up 90 days worth of all my drugs - blood pressure (2), cholesterol, COPD (2), plus gout and cough pills. Easy peasy and so good on so many levels.

1. All my recurring prescriptions can now be refilled on the same day. This is a huge convenience. Dealing with Walgreens online and having each of 5 drugs refilled at a different time was a royal PIA.

2. My copay for about $1,500 worth of stuff was $10.28. With my old insurance and Walgreens, even on the other side of the Medicare donut hole, my copay would have been at least $100 may be more.

3. I still have a couple of months worth in house so... I won't have to get any more until about May. So, unless things change, I could get out of next year with the lowest drug bill in forever.

I love my new insurance!!!

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