Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

??? and my 15 seconds of fame

I was in the locker room at the gym this morning after my swim when I ran into a regular who complimented my suit and added 'Another day, another suit!' Just then a woman wrapped in a towel appeared from another part of the locker room and said with massive delight "Oh! I want to see the woman with the suits!! I heard that you make your own and wear a different one every day. Is that true?" I allowed as how it was and I immediately had a gaggle of women around me asking questions. It was simply hilarious.

My 15 seconds of fame.

Last weekend, I decided not to wait on my prescriptions and sent a list to my doctor asking him to send them all to the little compound pharmacy there in his building. I figured once he did, I'd call them with the new insurance info. I asked, in my note, that he let me know when he'd done it. He nearly always replies anyway. But, this time he didn't. So I decided to call the pharmacy to make sure they didn't have the prescriptions.

Turns out that 1. They had them and 2. They are ready and 3. They knew about my new insurance. That last part is wild because I have not used my new insurance anywhere. I guess it's tied to my social security number. Very efficient and easy and wild.

So... I'll be off to the pharmacy here in a little bit.

No sign of the house cleaner. Maybe she's coming next week. Maybe she's late. Actually makes no diff to me either way.

Zoey is making me crazy this morning. She's got massive ants in her pants... but no ants and no pants but she's all over the place and meowing her little cat head off.

meowmensteen yesterday posted pictures of her house and invited others to do the same. I have had "photo document" house on my list of things to do since forever and this is a perfect time to do it. So that's project today... after my drug run.
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