Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Thank you, Washington State!

At the grocery store this morning, I noticed my drivers license was gone. I keep my debit card, credit card and drivers license all together in one spot in my purse. One of the cards fell out into the cart and I found it and when I put it back, that's when I discovered the license gone. It may be in the house hiding but I can't find it. I took a flashlight to the car. No joy.

My money says it fell out of my purse somewhere. I rarely every use/need it but figure the first time I try to drive without it, I'll be hauled in to do hard time. What a PIA. When I got home I googled replacing my drivers license. I have one of those enhanced ones that lets me into Canada and back so I figured it would be a BFD to get it replaced.

So wrong. It couldn't be easier. 3 minutes to fill out a very very short form and $20. I printed out a temp and a replacement will be in the mail. It would have been far more of a hassle to replace the debit or credit card. Wow.

I expected the pool to be crowded today with people home for the holidays so I got their early. There were two of us and we both finished up about 9 am. By 9:05, the pool had gone from empty to full. Timing.

Traffic, however, was solidly easy breazy. I think it's going to be a great week for coming and going to the pool.

After the pool, it was on to the grocery store. I wanted to get in and out with what I need for the week rather than fight off the Thanksgiving crowds. I've been jonesing for some Mormon Funeral Potatoes for a while now so I picked up the ingredients needed for those and a few other things and came on home.

The glare-y sun is gone for a couple of days which means also gone are my excuses for not going out for a walk some time today. But, first I think I'll go work on my next new pocket book.
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