Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I had a lovely swim this morning. Dark goggles make such a huge difference.  The sun's glare hits about 15 minutes into my swim these days so being able to switch to them is great.

I came straight home and fixed a sizeable breakfast. So... next up is kitchen clean up. There turned out to be no laundry yesterday and so now it's over due.  And then sewing. The two piece suit is probably not going to be a keeper.  But, no biggie, I'm not big on two piece suits anyway.  I'll finish it and give it a trial swim. I need to sew on the trim around the arms, legs and neck.

My back is just an itch farm these days. I don't know if it's dry skin or what but whatever it is is making me crazy. I have a regularly scheduled appointment with my doctor in December. Itchy back is going to be the lead in my answer to 'do you have any current issues we need to address?'

My big fear is that the answer is the bromine in the pool or something else that will come between me and swimming. If that's the case then I will need to figure out how I can living with the itching.

It's sunny and cold out today. But nice and warm in here.
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