Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Happy Holidays to Moi!

I grew up in Winston-Salem, NC. It was a town settled in the mid 1700's by the Moravians.

This was the 50's and the South so the answers to Who's your Daddy? and What church do you belong to? were un-ironically critical to the social fabric. Religion was not so much religion as a social barometer. Our family attended the First Christian Church. There were a crap ton of Presbyterians and Methodists in town. There were a couple of Catholics and one Jew.

But, starting in November, everyone was Moravian. They had the most beautiful Christmas traditions and food. Their church services - called Love Feasts - were attended by everyone I knew at least once during Christmas. They lit the most marvelously smelling beeswax candles during the service and, actually, served - as part of the service - buns and coffee. (The buns were a tiny bit sweet and the coffee was a heavenly concoction of cream and sugar warmed together and cooked into the coffee). Every home had their cookies and their sugar cakes and their cheese straws.

And, now a half century later, via the magic of the internet and brought today by USPS, I have Moravian treats on my kitchen counter.

On the left is a tin of the oh so thin and delightfully delicious Moravian ginger cookies. Then at the top are two squares (stacked) of Moravian coffee cake which is actually potato/yeast based. So good. Those are the Moravian buns they serve with coffee during the church services. (Even little children get coffee at a Moravian Love Feast - I always felt so grown up sipping and trying not to spill my coffee in church.) And then in the front are cheese stars which are cheese straws in the shape of stars reminecent of the Moravian star which everyone in town hung on the their front poarch in November and December.


I'll freeze one of the sugar cakes an some of the buns and mete out the rest making them last as long as possible. What a wonderful treat!
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