Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I need to stop spending. Stop buying swim suit fabric. Stop buying stuff. Stop now. Google has said they are going to come out with a new tablet before "the holidays" and I want to buy it but if I keep frittering away coin, there ain't going to be any left for it.  And, any day now my car's 'time for a checkup' light will come on and this year it's going to be in excess, probably of about $1,500 and our homeowners dues are going up again so come December I'll be paying that bill for next year so stop stop stop spending money!!

After my swim, I did go get more spandex for the lining/solid sides of my next reversible suits. It was through a lot of traffic but before I left West Seattle, I ran by McDonalds and got myself a sausage biscuit and a coffee for the trip. I dearly love that the McDonalds is right across the street from the Holier Than Thou PCC Natural Market. PCC is a large local chain of crunchy granola kale loving but nothing really good to eat grocery stores in Seattle. You turn down this one street and go left if you are hungry and want good tasting... you go right if you are skinny and righteous.  It's one of the few times in my life that I willingly go right.

Today will be a sewing day, I think. I have nothing on the calendar. I have the day to do whatever. Oh, there actually should be some laundry done at some point...
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