Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

We have established what you are—we are simply haggling about the price.

I just ran into my next door neighbor. He was leaving and I was coming home. He asked me about the volume and I told him I could hear it sometimes but it was not at all bothersome. He was chagrined. I told him not to worry that the minute it got too loud I would tell him.

He's so very gay and in the most delightful way. He makes cookies!!

"I made you some cookies the other day but it was too late to bring them over so we ate them!" He asked if I like oatmeal butterscotch and I allowed as how I certainly did and was, in fact, pretty much a slut for any kind of home made cookie.

A cookie maker right next door???? Crank up that volume, dude. And pay for it in cookies. We so have a deal.
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