Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I wore my inside out suit today and it passed the swim test with flying colors. Someone on the sewing reddit suggested that I try the same trick with a two piece and then I can mix and match. Idea of the week, for sure! I don't have any solid fabric in house today to do it but I have two options coming in that might work. This could be the most fun suit yet.

Since Daylight Saving Time ended, when it's not cloudy out, the sun is really bugging me at the pool. There are giant windows with no shades and the glare is really annoying. Finally yesterday I remember to look and see if I didn't have a pair of goggles that wasn't clear. I have no idea how/why it got there but, I found the perfect pair of reflector TYR's in my stash. Half way through my swim today the stupid sun came out so I slapped those puppies on and saved!!

I also designed a new bag while I was swimming today. I may get a start on it while waiting for more swimsuit fabric.

Last week I was poking around on the post office site looking at tracking options and logged in and found something called Dashboard. It's kind of fiddly to set up but, I ordered something from a site earlier this week that does not provide tracking numbers. This morning I checked that dashboard and there it was!! It tracks all packages being delivered to me automagically! I love that.

Someday someone will have a website that will poll all delivery systems and present me with a dashboard that will include all packages - regardless of carrier - coming to me. With maps and SMS and where the drivers are now once they get to Seattle. This will happen. I just hope I'm around long enough to see it.

It seems like just yesterday you'd get a catalog in the snail mail, call an 800 number to place an order and then wait '6 to 8 weeks' to get it. We thought that was very cool. We were not that bright.

I think I'm going to go through the bedroom this morning and fill the Goodwill bag and take it to the dropoff. I know there are a shitload of old swim suits going into that bag. And then I think I'll swing by Grocery Outlet. They have started carrying a nice selection of those salads that come all ready to assemble and they are $1 cheaper than the other stores.

The cable TV went out last night in the middle of Jeopardy's Double Jeopardy's round. I scoured the internets to make sure it wasn't something on my end. My cable company is a small one so it's not like when Comcast goes out and the internet blows up. But, I did find out pretty quickly that it wasn't me. I've had this cable company now for 10 and a half months and this is the first failure and it lasted 2 and a half hours. And they provide verified access needed to watch shows online at places like I can't be mad but I can be so sorry for their tech and support people. Last night must have been a bitch for them.
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