Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Wind rest

Today is so amazingly still after yesterday. And there are still leaves on that fucking tree outside my terrace. That thing just taunts me. My swim was great.

How is it that I can love swimming 25 yards, turning around and swimming back and repeat that for 2000 yards happily - no view, nothing new, just back and forth and back and forth without stopping for more than an hour and enjoy every minute of it. And hate a 10 minute walk - find it boring and boorish so much so that I won't even get off my ass to try. Makes no sense to me.

badrobot68 mentioned this morning that there is snow in the 10 day forecast for Portland so I looked and, tada!!!! We have some too! More than we saw all of last year and, I think, the year before. I'm quite jazzed.

I'm off now to go finish off the reversible swimsuit. I have Tim Gunn in head telling me to make it work.
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