Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I think my fitness band is wrong

When you go out and walk around the block on a day when the wind is whipping at high speeds, you should get extra credit for the walk. My fitness band thinks I took a walk on the beach in the sunshine. Byte me.

The ATM I always go to has been changed from my credit union to some bank I never heard of and who wants $3 from me. Bite me.

So, instead of the short walk out to the ATM, I did a full around the block plus to get to ATM #2 which wanted nothing but a video of my adorable face. Thank you, #2 ATM.

And bonus! I'd totally forgotten the cool gloves I bought last year and never got to wear. They are soft knit with that yarn on the finger tips that lets you work your phone. Brilliant move on my part. Even more brilliant, leaving them where I could easily find them this year.

That wind is really whipping still. Whew.
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