Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Major Blow Job

I grew up in the middle of North Carolina where the worst weather was an ice storm. They were cold and slippery and knocked out power and were generally a major PIA.

Seattle's ice storms are wind storms. And they can be fierce. We're having a fierce one today.

I remember my first one. It was the day of the first Clinton inauguration. It was the first time in my then 44 years that a US President I really wanted to win had won. I was fascinated. I bought special 8 hour VCR tapes and set both my VCRs to tape the events all day while I was at work.

I was working inside on the 8th floor. I had heard the predictions of a wind storm, but, hey, what's a little wind?? My cubicle mate who had been through many, got a call from her son at home and reported "It appears as if our backyard furniture has gone up the block to visit the neighbors." We went to the window to look down and I remember seeing the traffic lights whipping around the wire. The few people on the street were bent so far over against the wind that they were nearly horizontal. It was wild.

Then the power went out and they let us all go home. Yeah!! I could see the inauguration stuff live!!! If I ever made it home. The office was a mile from my house so I walked or took the bus. There was no bus, so I walked, or rather road the wind. It was a difficult walk home ad loud and it took forever.

But, I made it. Only to find out the cable had gone out early that morning and wouldn't be back on until the following day. I listened to the radio and that night the coverage was all about whether Hillary's dress was dark blue or purple. I was so frustrated.

Today, the lights went out in the middle of my swim. Only briefly. But the lights in the locker room shower actually did not come back on which was interesting. Coming home I saw more than a few umbrellas turn inside out with gusts. As I type this, the long draperies on my terrace are whipping around in a fury. I think the last of the leaves on The Tree That I Hate will be ripped off today.

I'm inside and warm and dry and grateful that there is no where I have to go today. Whew.

I'm now off to the sewing machine.
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