Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Hot piece of ass

Last Spring I bought one of those bidet toilet seats. I love love love it BUT, until today, I had totally forgotten that in addition to all of its other goodies, it will heat up my toilet seat so I checked and turned it on and then forgot about it.

Just now I went to pee and OMG. Toasty tush! What a treat.

I have had an interesting afternoon in customer service.

My cable bill came and it had a curious issue so I called Wave Broadband and, in under 5 mins, it was handled perfectly. Comcast keeps asking me to come back and dangling these offers in front of my face. Cheap, cheap, cheap. But, Wave keeps making me so happy that I'm their customer.

I have, in the past 2 weeks, ordered fabric from 3 different Etsy shops. 1 was good. The 2nd one kind of pissed me off by ignoring my 'special instructions note' but more than made up for it in a very speedy and gracious email. The 3rd one is working my last nerve. Their product page says shipping in 3-5 days. It took 2 emails to get an answer to 'where's my fabric' and the answer is 'shipping tomorrow' - Day 6. I should cancel but I really want the damn fabric.

And, speaking of fabric, I really do think I have this reversible suit deal noodled out. I got all the bits cut out this afternoon. Tomorrow I'll do the deed.

It's things like Trader Joe's Chocolate Pecan Pie that mean no matter how many laps I swim, there will never ever again be a gap between my thighs.
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