Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Walking done!

I walked over to Daiso which is a tiny store on a regular day but between the Asians who come in on weekends to the International District to shop and the Seahawks fans, it was packed. I didn't even bother going into Uwajimaya (the giant Asian grocery store), I was sure it would be a madhouse and I didn't really need anything.

I did try out the $15 coat I snagged at Goodwill last Summer. It turns out to be a mega winner. It's too big but whatever. It's fleece lined with a hood and massive pockets. Just exactly the right weight. And I love the color.

As I was coming home, I was standing at the top of the stairs that leads down into the stadium and parking lot, I heard one lone guy off in the distances screaming out SEA!!! and waiting for the response of HAWKS! But, all he got was crickets. He tried a couple of times and nothing. It was pretty funny.

So now I have swum and I have walked and so I am taking the rest of the day off 100% guilt free.
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