Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Years ago, I scored a $30 DVD player for my TV at Walmart. It worked fine. But the setup was wonky and it was big and I got so I never used it much and it got in the way so one day I put it on the Free Shelf in the garage. I've not had a DVD player on the living room TV now for several years.

Until today. I went down to to toss some garbage and someone had left a cute, little DVD player on the shelf. In the original box. With manual, and remote. I brought it up here, found appropriate cables, hooked it up and BAM... I'm back in biz. Should I ever need to watch a DVD.


Way back when, I used to make a chicken noodle casserole that was always delicious. I can barely even remember it or what was in it. But, I had two cooked, deboned chicken thighs that needed a home so I boiled up some linguine and tossed it in with the chicken, some fancy Trader Joe's cream of mushroom concentrate, some garlic and chopped green onions and a bunch of sour cream. I stirred it all up and popped into a casserole dish and even topped it with crushed up potato chips. Come dinner tonight, we shall see!


I thought about taking a load of stuff over to Goodwill and browsing inside their store this afternoon and then I saw on twitter where they are having their annual Glitter Sale this weekend. It is a huge deal that they save up for all year long - great great deals in fancy holiday dudes and accouterments. And it's always packed to the gills. I think I'll put that trip off for a few days!

I don't really need to go anywhere today anyway. I'm happy and occupied right here in my warm, safe condo.
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