Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So far so good

Yesterday I finished what is actually suit #4 but really suit #1. The first two did not work at all for various reasons but were great teaching suits. The 3rd one will not be tossed but is now considered my speed suit since it's the one that you can see through so I need to just keep swimming fast when I wear it.

Today's suit pretty much nails it. Really comfortable. Cute and functional. No rubbing anywhere. It's totally lined which makes it heavier - especially when wet - but you cannot see through it. Not even a nip peek.  I'm so delighted. Embarrassingly I have fabric in house or on the way for 5 more. So... a different one every day!

I had such a good swim today. I had a lane to myself and I just kept going and going. 2,200 yards. Then I stopped at Trader Joe's and then home to a delicious breakfast.

The storms have done a great job of stripping leaves off The Tree That I Hate. One more good one and I'll have a clear view until May.

I have several projects around here today. Nothing special, just your regular retired day.
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