Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I need to declare a moratorium on swimsuit spending

I need to stop ordering fabric and stop stopping at the fabric store with my pocketbook open. This is getting out of control. So. The. End.

I wore yesterday's suit to the pool today and it was great. Felt good, swam good, and I got two compliments on it. But it does make an excellent case for lining all my suits. Ya know how popular wet tshirt contests are? Because fabric that is wet becomes pretty transparent. No one should have to see that kind of detail of my butt crack. At least not for free.

So I stopped at the fabric shop to get lining and elastic. Flat invisible elastic for lets and fold over elastic/trim for neck and arm holes. That's it. The last $ spent on suits until all are made and worn.

At least the sun is not out today. Yesterday was a killer. In the pool (sun coming in from the windows), on the street, in the car, the sun's glare just about did me in yesterday. I like daylight a lot - prefer it - but not sun glare. Today is nice and gray. We never got the storm that was promised yesterday but now they are promising a new one. I still have too many leaves on my trees so bring it on!
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