Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Today was my nail day which means I need to swim later so leave the house later so then I get all into something and very nearly leave the house too late. Then the pool was just me for a half hour and then packed!

The latest suit was a half win and half fail. The fail was really because the fabric had been all pieced together and so much of the stretch was gone and it rubbed in a couple of places that were not comfortable and it squished my boobs. But it looked really really nice.

The first of the fabric that I ordered won't get here until tomorrow and I'm on a roll so I stopped at the fabric store and got a yard of the best of their meager spandex offerings but then got a 20% discount because of Veteran's Day! So clearly, it was meant to be.

Before that, however, it was nail day. I used to hate hate hate sitting there and having to chit chat with the manicurist for however long it took while the tv was blaring something unpleasant. But, this place is much nicer. No chit chat, pleasant background music. It's just a nice, zen-ie experience. I let today's manicurist pick the color and I like her selection:

Before that, after my swim, I parked at Papa Murphy's and walked from there, the 3 blocks to the manicure place. Along the way I ran into someone I recognized but couldn't place. She recognized me and placed me immediately. AWKWARD! Happily I picked up from the conversation that she's the woman who greets me every freakin' morning at the gym! Where I had just been!! Holy crap.

After my nails I picked up a $5 pizza for dinner (tonight and tomorrow) and headed to the fabric store and now I am home. Whew.

And... the housecleaner was here oh so nice.

The thing that made me late this morning was finally, hopefully, cracking the morning alarm. I wake up about 6ish every morning and tell the Echo to turn on NPR. It has an alarm but no way to turn the radio on at a specific time. So this morning I finally figured out how to make that happen.

I created a file that says: "Amazon, Turn on KUOW" and then I found an alarm app that will play one file one time (oddly that one time part was the most difficult part to accomplish).

Tomorrow we'll see if, at 6 am, my phone will tell Echo to turn the radio on.

Yeah, yeah, I know.

I had a bowl of oatmeal for lunch because I didn't want to mess up the house cleaner's work but I wanted something hearty fast. On to suit making!!
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