Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It works!!

I swam today in my new suit that I made and it was amazing!! There was a lot wrong with it. The stitching detail is wanting. The elastic around the legs needs to be an inch shorter. The elastic around the neck needs to be an inch shorter. The suit itself needs .75-1 inch more vertically. The fabric needs to be lycra spandex and not the weird stuff I got at the fabric store that I hate.

BUT even with all of that, it was AMAZING!!! It looked very pretty (lime green with off white polka dots) and even with the problems listed, it still felt better in and out of the pool than any suit I have ever had on. I'm so delighted. I was able to piece together enough pieces of the fabric I ruined to make suit #2 where I can test/fix the problems so that when the really good/gorgeous suit fabric arrives, I'll be totally ready to make perfect suits.

I got to the pool early today in order to be out before the Aqua Fit class. The traffic, which I expected to be very bad on the way home, was not too bad at all. Very nice to know.

We have major storm warnings here for tonight and tomorrow but right now the sun is out. There are still a lot of leaves on The Tree That I Hate. It would be so great if a storm would come in and take them all away. There are new peops (since last winter) in the apartments across the street and I need to see them and their stuff. Binoculars are ready, I just need the damn leaves gone.

I think I'm going to give in to my obsession today and spend it back in the sewing room.
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