Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Here's what I pay every month in 2015

I spent a long time this afternoon with my finances - some planning, some looking, some checking and some getting ready for 2016. (Also checking on Zappos - who's numbers, by the way, came out perfectly. I am being made whole on every return. I should not have doubted you, Zap!)

For posterity. Here are the bills I have committed to pay each month. When my Dad taught me basic budgeting (thank you so much, Daddy), he called these fixed expenses. Thee are my current fixed expenses:

Mortgage - $950
*HOA - $503
Electric - $80 (avg over 12 mos)
Cellphone - $30
Cable TV - $117
Internet - $60
**car insurance - $36
*house insurance - $55
house cleaner - $225

*actually pay annually
**actually pay biannually

Semi fixed expenses include:

domain name and hosting: $60 a year
Pandora: $55 a year
Audible: $230 a year
Amazon: $100 a year
Google Music: $10 a month
Costco: $50 a year

These all add up to $52 a month

So... my per month nut comes out to a little over $2,000. I think that's a lot of luxury for not so much money, honestly.

I'm afraid to tally up what I spend on food and stuff. And there is no way in hell I'm taking an honest look at what I spend on technology.
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