Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Whining about a whiner but first, a nice thing

I just got a text from one of the lifeguards at my old pool saying she misses me! That's so sweet. I'd go back except it's never open when I want to swim, crowded, chlorine, on a street that's currently ripped up in an 8 month road repair and cost me money. I do miss seeing some of the lifeguards and pool keepers - a fun bunch.

But, now for the whine. There's a woman who lives down the hall. Ann. She used to drop in here constantly for visits. I enjoyed parts of the visits and none of the drop in parts. She's nice but while I don't think she's really homophobic and racist, I just go so damn tired of hearing about towel heads and guys who are 'light in the loafers, if you get my drift' and Asians who can't drive... etc. And she has an iPad that she has very little idea how to use so always needs something fixed. Her husband died a couple of years ago and now she's always in the halls looking for someone to whine to. (She has a grown son who lives an hour away. They aren't particularly close and she has no other family.)

She's been gone for the past two weeks and the hallways have been blistfully safe for roaming and now she's back. I just came up in the elevator with her.

She leans against the wall with a look on her face of complete doom and in her whiniest voice says: "I just spent two weeks in Mexico and I really wish I was there now... " So I said "Why don't you go back? What's stopping you? "Oh... I'd need money.... [whine]" Well, you could just move and live there - bound to be less expensive than here and you'd be where you want to be!

Problem is that professional whiners don't want answers or really even sympathy (which they are NEVER ever getting from me) they just want to hear that whiny noise coming out of their mouths.

Being happy is such a nicer way to be. For everyone. Plus, I think whiners get really really annoyed by cheerful chipper people. And that's my go to response every time. Chipper Cheerful
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