Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


At 12:05, I checked the UPS website to see that they "attempted" to delivery my package at 11:55. NFW. I was sitting right here, the building manager was in his office, no notice left on front door or back or the door to my unit. Attempt, my aunt fanny! (and I actually did have an Aunt Fanny...). I 'chatted' with UPS to log a complaint and that guy pissed me off more than not getting the package.

Fed Ex delivered a package with zero problems at 12:00. GRRRR And to add insult to injury, Amazon has sent me two notifications and one email saying that UPS says it's my fault they couldn't deliver. Whatever. Don't care.

I really don't care about this particular package but it's one of the few. Mostly I care a lot and I do not want UPS to fuck up and especially now. From here on out all delivery services will suck and blame the holidays.

But, I don't care. (I'm clearly trying to convince myself.)

On the up side, I called my new insurance company on a Monday at 1:30 pm. The telephone tree had me punch 1 for current member. And in seconds I was talking to a human who could answer my question!! (I often wondered if at the end of that many multi limbed telephone tree, there even was a human. And no way would I have tried on any day but Wednesday.)

She allowed as how if I filled the prescriptions in December it would cost me about $25 for a 90 day supply of all 5 drugs. January, it will cost me $500. Now, there's an easy decision!! I'll have to pay the $500 in March or April when I get them all refilled but heck I could get hit by a bus by then.

The new swimsuit is done. It's a rough draft really but it sure feels nice - all silky on my skin and it fits me! The next one will fit even better and have nicer edges. I lined both the front and the back of this one. I think the next one, I'm only going to line the front.

Tomorrow's swim will be the real test.

Now I need to walk. I don't want to but I've got to get off this giant ass. So I think I'll take the garbage down and walk around the block. I wish I could swim twice as long instead of having to walk. Sigh.
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