Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It's a perfect rainy fall day. Coming home from the pool was a bit of a traffic situation but I just put on my Whatever hat and willed myself to relax. Worked fine and probably it only took and extra 10 minutes total if that.

I dropped the last of the return to Zappos boots to the UPS shop. My slippers are working great. My feet pretty much love them. I need to make a little spreadsheet to track the money going out and coming back from Zappos. I also think they may be playing fast and loose with the sales tax. I'm sure they aren't but I need to see the nums.

And then I need to call my new insurance company. Probably not a smart thing to do on a Monday but I've got this question on my brain. I hit the other side of the Medicare donut hole and so from now until the end of December, as I understand it, any prescription drugs will cost me $0. My plan is to get all my prescriptions refilled when I go for my semi annual checkup in December. My out of pocket for that little foray will be about $250 with my new insurance EXCEPT, will it? Since I'm at $0? OR would it be better to wait until January when my $250 will satisfy my insurance deductible for the year?

Insurance shit just confuses the shit out of me. I'm going to call and ask.

And my swimsuit. I need to finish it off. I got all carried away last night looking for new swimsuit fabric. I found an Etsy shop that has everything I could ever want. Some place in Kentucky. Comes out to about $20 per suit. I'm not really making my own suits to save money but I hate to spend where I don't have to. I ordered two suits worth from the Etsy shop and one from another shop. I have been wearing the same suit every single day for six months. It's been fine. Now I need a different one for every day?? I need some self control.

While I was swimming today, I think I figured out how to use the fabric bits of the one I fucked up when I cut it out. I'm going to have to start swimming twice a day to wear all these suits!

I am starving. Lunch at 10:30? Why the fuck not?
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