Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Murphy is the reason you should never victory dance prematurely...

Well, I screwed the pouch on my suit. Not fatally but nearly. I tried to get too fancy and ended up not being able to get the lining on the inside and the suit on the outside correctly. The good news is that the stitch I chose to use for the suit is VERY secure. I had to pick all the stitches out of one of the leg openings and it took for freakin' ever.

Now that is fixed and the legs are sewn correctly. But rather than tempt fate, I think I'll hold off setting the elastic in securely until tomorrow.

Then I took a brisk walk around the building and garage just to stretch out my legs and back. I should walk some place to eat or pick up dinner but no place is really calling to me. Nothing thrilling in the fridge either. I'm not hungry enough to do an Amazon delivery. Maybe it's a cereal night.
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