Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My swim the morning was not that enjoyable but even a not enjoyable swim is better than no swim at all. The spa sometimes leaks into the pool making the water hot in parts and so feeling very cold in others. You swim through way too hot, then way too cold, then way too hot... it's just not fun. I had thought it also slows me down but turns out I did my 2000 yards in 5 minutes less than normal so whatever. It's still annoying. On the up side, I had the pool to myself for 45 minutes. And the roadwork on the bridge failed to get in my way. So really, no reason to complain.

My kitchen sink is drippy. I don't know if it's the faucet or just not not turning it off well. When I'm on my ass in the living room is the only time I hear it. When I get up to go to the kitchen I forget to check. Clearly it's not much of a priority.

Zoey's in her no wet food phase. She chomping down on the kibbles but only asking for wet maybe once a day or not at all. And then eating only about a teaspoon full. In a week or so she'll go back to a couple of cans a day. She's just a weird cat.

Next up today is cleaning up the kitchen. I will check on that damn drip. And then back to the sewing room for more work on the swim suit. I have some new ideas to try.
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