Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Update from the factory floor

The good news is that once I get the shape and size right, making exactly the kind of swim suits I want is going to be easy peasy and not even very expensive!

It's very difficult to find swimsuits for me. I like 'em one piece plain and simple with zero adornment, no built in boobs and in happy, bright prints. Mainly because I am fat, what I just described does not exist for me. Fat women only deserve black swimsuits that 'slim you for a happy day at the beach' with funky draping and ginormous foam boob covers... I could pack a lunch in each one and still have room for my boobs. And the black. Ugh.

So, turns out, that with the right fabric, the right sewing stitch, the right elastic, the perfect suit can be mine. I cut out the fabric that arrived today and basted it up into a suit. Close, but several cigars away from perfect. Like a fool, I cut up both the fabric and the lining so that neither now can be used for an actual suit for me. BUT, I learned a lot. Mainly that once all is right, it's going to be perfection.

I went to the store that I hate and actually got a clerk I'd never seen there before. She is likely not there for very long because she's the antithesis of the others that work there. She's bright and friendly and helpful and patient and nice. (Instead of the usual rude, bored and condescending.)

Their choices were slim but I found new suit fabric and new lining. This time I cut out the lining only. Then I made a pattern out of exactly what I cut out. I will baste the lining together and make real time changes to it and the pattern and use the new, altered pattern to cut out the actual suit. I did some practice runs on the fabric as well and found a good stitch for the non elastic seams and the elastic hems.

Once I get a good suit made and tested, then I'll order good colors and good linings online where the choice is better.

TL;DR No swimsuit yet, but totally doable and fun!
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