Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It's kind of chilly out and rainy... a perfect day for my new slippers boots. Yep, I declared the boots. After my swim I stopped and got some spray to make your boots water repellent. Turns out there are a half dozen 'best' versions of this product. I spent way too long last night trying to noodle out the best of the best. I went with the best one available at Bartells Drugs. Amazon says delivery in 4 days. FOUR DAYS???? Amazon, really. WTF. Who wants to way four days??? So I waited zero days and the first coat is drying now. I think 2 coats minimum before they go out in the rain so maybe not even today.

On the way to the pool, I saw they are fucking with the bridge access again so noted to self to take the other bridge access on the way home. I had a really excellent swim. Saw some swim buddies. Did 2,100 yards.

Then on to Bartells... who, in addition to the boot spray, had left over candy corn on sale!!! I had totally given up hope. What a treat. Then I decided to go back to that brunch place that is on the way to the alternate bridge access and had an excellent breakfast. The food isn't that special but the place is nice and quiet and comfortable and the coffee flows. They give you extra butter without your having to ask and it's not been at all crowded the two times I have been. It's just a nice respite before the journey home.

And the journey home turned out to be not so smooth. Turns out the access work is in addition to work on the actual bridge so no way was a good way. I suspect it will be the same tomorrow. Deep breath and don't worry about it. Done.

Meanwhile, just now, I saw the mailman deliver so I went down to check and my swimsuit fabric arrive and so did the elastic I ordered!!

The print was on sale and the solid is what I bought for lining instead of actual lining. I thought maybe having two equal fabrics would strengthen the finished product. I expected it to have four way stretch which it does not so I'll need to conjure on that. But, now I have all the ingredients. Time to get at it.
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