Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

If you are cold, put on a sweater!

My mother used to say that at constantly. Constantly. And it stuck.

First of all, it rarely got horribly cold where we lived and it rarely gets horribly cold here in Seattle. And my condo is insulated to the max. I have units on 4 sides and a heated hallway on the 5th side. I have baseboard heaters that I have never used. I turned them on when I first moved in to see if they worked and then a few years later once to check again. That second time there was so much dust on them (they are all hidden behind furniture) that they stank. I've never used them to heat the place.

They used to be all (there are 4 total - one in the living room, two in the bedroom and one in the fish/sewing/front room) controlled by a thermostat in the living room. The thermostat was in the way of where I wanted to put a built in cabinet so we just ripped it out.

I think, if I wanted to, I could still turn them on individually. I should try that sometime.

Because now I'm cold. And it's only November. But, several times in the past week, I've thought, hmmmm I'm a little chilly... A very rare thought indeed. I do have space heater that I can use.

Being chilly is oh so much better than being hot. 1000 times better. I'm not complaining at all. Not one tiny bit.

I'm putting on a sweater. Or, in this case, the fleece jacket I made out of my fleece scraps. It turned out to be pretty clownish but it makes for one comfortable clown!! (I have no intention of wearing this outside of the house.)

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