Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Bye Bye Bears

I don't do a truckload of donations ever. Part of what stops me is the process. I hate the process. I stopped donating to PBS and NPR and many other organizations years ago when no matter how big or small my contribution was, it was a guarantee that for many years to come I'd be hounded with unwanted phone calls and truckloads of junk mail.

If I can give anonymously I'm happiest. There used to be an outfit that was actually located just north of here that would front anonymous cash gifts. You'd send them the money and either an email, snail mail or phone number and they would see that the recipient got the money and leave you totally out of it. I used them a lot until they shut down for tax reasons and/or legal reasons, I think.

It's difficult to give without sharing personal information but, when I find a way I do it. Mainly I end up using brokers. Like the bear lady. When I first started taking bears to her it was way easier. I could just drop by anytime between 9-12, knock on the door and hand 'em over. Then she left that operation and started out on her own (collecting supplies for indigent new mothers) and moved her operation to this funky place where I have to call her and she has to come down and meet me on the street. For some reason this new arrangement just annoys me. Every month I dread it. It's really very silly of me but that's the way it is. I need a broker to handle my broker.

This morning went fine and now I'm done for a whole month! I really am grateful that she is so willing to get my bears into the hands of people who are happy to get them. So I should just shut up.

Great swim today. I had the pool entirely to myself for an hour and 15 minutes.

Nothing big on the agenda today. Just a nice, day of the usual sewing, knitting, TV, being retired...
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